Some economic indicators you can consider while Trading Forex

Top economic indicators, index and report which you can consider while trading forex

There are technical tools and fundamental tools which help in analysing the trade in the forex trading. Most of the traders make use of them, but somewhere to harvest most, you require to learn other concepts which affect the price of the currency. Here we have compiled the list of top economic indicators which you can consider while making the trading decisions.

1) Economic indicators

Economic indicators refer to the report or data issued by the private or the government organisation which reflect the economic performance of the country’s currency. The economic information is the key instrument through which one can directly estimate the economic health of the county. But always remember that there are some other political factors which too affect the financial performance of the nation.

2) Gross domestic product or GDP

GDP refers to the total value of products and services produced in a boundary of the country during a given financial year. It is also regarded as the primary tool to measure the economy of a country.

The figures for GDP acts as a lagging indicator. Most traders pay attention to two reports issued in the months before the final gross domestic figure data releases. These are the preliminary report and the advance report. Notable revisions of these reports can lead to considerable volatility.

3) Retail Sales

The retail sales data keeps the track and estimates the total financial receipts of all retail stores in a provided country. This report is prepared by collecting several samples from retail stores throughout the country. Traders can use this to anticipate the performance of most vital lagging signals and to assess the instant direction of the economy. Revision of this retail sales report helps in causing significant volatility. One can also compare the sales movements of a publicly-traded firm with retail sales reports.

4) Industrial production

This report reflects a variation in the production of mines, utilities and factories within a country. It also brings out its utilisation capacity. It is the degree to which the capacity of the factory is used. It is suitable for a country if the production increases while being at its zenith or near-maximum capacity utilisation.

5) Consumer price index (CPI)

The consumer price index estimates the variations in the cost of goods across 200 distinct categories. When we compare this report with the total national export, then we can see if the nation is losing or making capital on its goods and services. Stay vigilant and monitor the exports. It is because this is the famous focus with many investors as the cost of exports generally varies concerning currency’s weakness or strength.

How to start trading with a suitable broker?

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The Bottom Line

Trading in forexis not a simple job. It requires expertise in reading charts, graphs, understanding statistical data and making their use while making decisions. The charts and graphs are made by analysing the economic condition of a country and impact on a particular currency. The article covered all the economic indicators, reports and indexes which one should check on their part despite relying entirely on others.