A Comprehensive Guide of SMSF Home Loan

An ever-increasing number of Australians are seeking to take more control and be engaged in their superannuation. With more than 1/3 of their entire superannuation pool of funds within this area, the Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) seems to be getting ideal retirement planning for many Australians. An SMSF home loan truly allows you to take your fate in your command and enhance your retirement savings in the manner you think will be best for your future.

What do you understand by SMSF home loan?

An SMSF aims to give yourself more power over your super, the amount you pay into it, and where and how much of it spent. It is a private superannuation fund that you can handle yourself, instead of dealing with a superannuation provider.

Factors to take into account before considering SMSF home loans

Cashflow effect: Money and stocks are usually regarded as more liquid assets since they’re generally simple to get and move around. On the other hand, home or property regarded as non-liquid an asset you can get; it’s inflexible, hard to market and hard to get into the equity or value in it.

Expenses: Investors tend to be put off SMSF home loan because of the wide assortment of costly spending associated with them. It can take a group of lawyers, accountants and several other parties to make sure everything is trustworthy and on schedule, which isn’t cheap. Expenses include Upfront charge, Advice charge, Legal charge, Stamp duty charge, Bank charges.

Benefits of SMSF home loan

An SMSF can be cheaper to deal with as compared to other retail super funds.
Resources within the SMSF home loans are secured from creditors if a person dies bankrupt.
Member has flexibility and control on what their superannuation fund has been spent in.
Asset and resource protection may be an integral concern for Australians, particularly business owners, and superannuation may be a structure that secures an individual from bankruptcy and legal action.
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ESG Investing: Explained & Simplified

If you’ve started to become environmental friendly and value certain ethics and principles, then you’d want your investments to follow the same values as well. That’s where ESG investing comes in.

What is ESG Investing?

ESG investing means investing in companies that contribute to better people, planet & profits, without sacrificing investment returns. ESG factors may include non-financial parameters that does have a material impact on a company’s long-term financial health.

ESG encourages companies to look beyond traditional parameters and measure sustainability. Companies are evaluated on quantitative and qualitative parameters. ESG factors cover a wide spectrum of aspects that may not be part of financial analysis, yet may have financial relevance. This might include how corporations respond to issues such as climate change, water management, health and safety policies, supply chain management, treatment of minority workers and whether they imbibe a culture of innovation & trust.

Let’s understand thefull form of ESG funds

E – indicates a company’s exposure to environmental issues such as energy conservation, pollution control, climate change, carbon neutrality, treatment of animals, water management, etc.

S – Social, includes companies’ ability to attract and retain skilled manpower at a socially responsible manner incorporating an inclusive workforce irrespective of gender, race or color. Other socially responsible initiatives could include providing the locals with access to education and medical facilities and avoiding product liability issues.

G- indicates a well-run company with strong governance, how does it interact with shareholders, how does the management drive leadership and bring effective adherence to policies and procedures, while fostering integrity, honesty and transparency at all levels.

Why should you make an investment in ESG? Investors can grow their corpus by investing in companies that take care of environmental, social and governance factors:

Companies who care about such values resonate with consumers and investors,
have lower costs and improved operational performance,
create sustainable value and
Enjoy corporate longevity.
For companies that do not incorporate ESG parameters they:

End up losing their customer base,
Fail to attract/retain good talent,
Run the risk of facing litigation and regulatory actions etc.
Therefore, ESG investing reduces your exposure to risk and contributes to growth over the long term.

ESG Investing is Responsible Investing You experience a sense of personal satisfaction when you choose to buy organic vegetables from the local vendor as compared to buying vegetables that look nearly half as fresh from a supermarket. Similarly, when you invest in companies that are sensitive to ESG parameters, you feel empowered to invest in companies that reflect the fundamentals that you believe in.

In coming times, corporate India will have to follow stipulated norms and regulations or provide extensive disclosures on adherence to responsible business practices.

ESG criteria broadens the ecosystem of how participants interact with each other. For instance, on the social side, it identifies companies that have built a sustainable relationship with employees, suppliers, communities and investors at large; and have built a strong reputation with the potential to generate more business. A significant proportion of a company’s valuation is tied to intangible environmental and social and governance parameters that material impact on its financial outcome.

4 strategies for investing in SIP

First, let’s start by understanding meaning of SIP Mutual Fund? This is a systematic investment plan (SIP) where investors make regular, equal payments into a mutual fund and it also allows investors to save regularly with a smaller amount of money while benefiting from the long-term advantages of rupee cost averaging.

Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) is one of the easiest way to start your investment journey with an amount as low as Rs.500. In addition to this, keeping a few strategies in mind will help to achieve your goals quicker!

Is it likely that if you follow these strategies for starting a SIP mutual fund, it will help achieving your goals? Yes, it’s that easy provided this is done religiously.

Why should you start a SIP Mutual fund investment?
Firstly, this gives you a purpose for the investment plan. It gives you an estimate of your savings in order to achieve your specific goals. Secondly, it adds an emotional value for example: planning for a holiday, or buying a house. Investments made without any purpose or direction may not help you achieve your goals. This also becomes a futile exercise. Ensure you follow this step before investing in an SIP. Use an SIP Mutual fund calculator that determines your goals better

Think long term and not short term
SIP helps you navigate through market uncertainty and hence it is essential to keep a long-term investment horizon to average out the cost of your investments and give you the benefit of compounding.

Use Asset allocation strategy to reduce risk
It is not uncommon to see investors chase performance. This also comes with high risk and return factor that you need to understand clearly. While equity funds may have generated the progressive returns over the last few years, but one must not ignore the risks associated. Therefore, diversification in each asset class judiciously is essential i.e. between debt, equity and gold. So, your equity SIP portfolio should have a right mix of large and mid- caps, along with growth and value style

Choose funds that have stringent rating parameters
Past performance is not an indicator of future returns. This is an important statement as it justifies that there have been top performing schemes in the past that do not give such high returns anymore. Thus it is advised that investors should not choose an SIP mutual fund merely on the top performance. Therefore, you need to check not only quantitative but qualitative factors such as; are the funds well managed, is there a process driven approach and whether they stay true to its label, among others.

Looking for Independent House in Bangalore? Check out these House loan tips!

The property price of Bangalore is extremely high therefore buying a house in Bangalore is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are planning to buy an apartment or independent house in Bangalore then a house loan is a must. Every second person living in an apartment or house is paying EMIs of house loan and it has become common practice while buying a home or apartment. It has several benefits and helps to buy your dream home. In this post, we have discussed some key factors that should be considered before taking a house loan.

Check Various Loan Options- Everything is available online in the era of internet, so do some research and search the different options available in the market. Narrow down your research on three most crucial aspects i.e, down payment, namely, rate of interest, repayment tenure, and EMIs. Researching these aspects would help you to find a suitable home loan. Generally, people do not calculate the rate of interest and end up taking the wrong loan. So, make sure you consider all the aspects while taking the home loan. If you don’t have time to research various loan options then it’s better to consult an expert.
Go with Affordable option-There are several loan options available in the market, so choose one which is affordable and suits your pocket. You should be able to not only afford the fixed monthly EMIs, but should also check the cost of affordable living. It is better to make a rough calculation or plan, this plan will include the EMIs and other monthly expenses like electricity bill, water bill, wifi bill, etc. In many cases, people spend all their money on EMIs and end up with zero savings. So, adopt the loan very cautiously. Buying an independent house in Bangalore at an affordable price should be important.
Select Suitable EMIs option- A bank offers you different EMI options and you have to choose one which suits your budget. EMI varies on the down payment you make at the time of making a house purchase. Short-term EMIs have a low rate of interest and Long-term EMIs have higher. So, it’s up to you which option to choose long-term EMIs or short-term.
CIBIL Score- Banks consider the CIBIL Score or Credit score as an essential factor while giving you a loan. So, check your CIBIL score and make sure it is maintained. The banks do not sanction loans if your CIBIL score is less than 550. So, make sure the CIBIL score is maintained.
Check Eligibility Criteria- Before you apply for a loan check your eligibility, analyse your credit history and essential documents. You can check the eligibility criteria by visiting the website of banks or can visit the nearest branch of your bank.
Hidden Charges- Hidden charges can disrupt your budget so, before applying for the loan check all the additional or hidden charges. Discuss this point with the lender before loan application. There are different types of charges, check whether it is monthly charge or one-time charge. As the name suggests one-time charges are paid once generally at the time of loan sanctioning. Monthly charges are paid monthly and they should be included in your EMIs.
Conclusion-With all the afore-listed points in mind, getting a home loan becomes much easier and you can easily buy an independent house in Bangalore. So, before you buy your dream home consider the above points.

Find the very best schools of MBA on the internet by cbuni

Returning to school for your own MBA doesn’t mean you need to quit your job. Online programs permit you balance your studies together with your work and family duties. Many schools offer on the internet MBA degree programs, and we evaluated them based on several criteria to be able to help you find the very best schools for masters degree in business administration requirements. We used seven factors to judge schools: brand awareness, versatility, learning environment, academics, plan diversity, support, and profession services. See why we selected these factors or scroll right down to jump straight to our listing of top schools.

Brand Attention

We looked at online masters programs accredited schools that not just offer quality MBA programs but additionally have a history of providing programs online. With regards to taking courses remotely, you’ll want to make certain that the school has a good history in online teaching along with a respected, well-established brand.


The main reason many people seek out online education like online mba programs accredited is perfect for the flexibility it provides. Many MBA students balance use school, so we prioritized schools that provide asynchronous learning, which means you can ‘attend’ class by yourself schedule rather than from set times. We also looked for schools that allow you to access class from multiple devices and also have flexible start dates.

Understanding Environment

Online learning is not only for computer experts. We looked for schools which have easy-to-use learning environments making it simple to submit projects, view lectures, and take part in discussions.


Accreditation is really a key indicator of educational quality, and all in our top schools are certified. Since MBA programs are made to prepare you for careers running a business, we looked for colleges that hire faculty along with relevant and recent real-world encounter. The instructors in the top picks thoroughly understand the company topics and concepts covered within the program because they’ve additionally earned the advanced levels and spent years within the field, allowing you to take advantage of their knowledge and encounters.

Program Diversity

Although you can generate an MBA in common business, you can also select from many specialization options which are targeted at your profession goals. Even if you know which specialization you are considering, choosing a school that offers a number of specializations means that you’ll get access to more elective options and professors with several expertise.

Student Support

If you want help, be it educational or technical, you have to know that someone is there to help you in a timely as well as effective manner. We looked for schools making it easy to contact instructors in addition to academic and financial experts. We also prized schools that provide 24/7 technical support to ensure that computer issues don’t avoid you from learning.

Profession Services

MBA programs are made to help students advance their own careers. Look for schools that provide online career services, for example resume builders, and use of employers. Many schools provide services for both present students and graduates.

Starting an SIP in the Best Mutual Fund

SIP stands for Systematic Investment Plan, a mode of investing in mutual funds that allows one to invest fixed amount in a specific mutual fund scheme at rgular intervals (weekly, monthly, quarterly). It makes regular investment convenient:

Easy auto debit facility,
Affordable with a low minimum investment requirement: SIP doesn’t incur any additional charges.
While investing is a personal decision based on everyone’s unique situation, every financial plan will have some allocation of the 3 major asset classes:

Equity or stocks,
Debt or fixed income instruments,
Precious metals like gold and silver.
But investing in the stock markets can be a challenge, with the wild and unpredictable swings in share prices. To reduce the risk of investing “at the wrong time”, many investors can opt for a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in the Best Mutual Fund of their choice.

An SIP, or a Systematic Investment Plan, is a mode of investment whereby you, the investor, invests a pre-determined amount on a monthly basis, on a pre-determined date, into the Best Mutual Fund Scheme of your choice. Today, it is among the most chosen method of investing by retail investors.

4 Benefits of SIP:

While there could be other benefits, here are 5 that we would like to share.

Benefit of Rupee Cost Averaging:
Since you are buying units every month, you will be buying at market dips and rises, so you are averaging your cost of investments over the time period.

Benefit of Power of Compounding:
If you start early, SIP helps you to start investing to meet the greater expenses of your life. Saving a small sum of money regularly makes your money work with power of compounding and increase impact on wealth accumulation.

Helps you avoid market timing:
SIP investors can avoid market timing – as they get the chance to buy low, and later when they want, sell high.

It’s possible to start small:
The best part of starting an SIP is that it is suitable for any wallet. You can start with a ticket size of your choice, you can start small with as low as Rs. 500/- in the Best Mutual Fund of your choice and slowly build up your wealth.

Helps you avoid market timing:
With an SIP you do not need to try to time the market and thereby inculcates automatic financial discipline into your investing method.

Making investments in stock markets via Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) has been proved as a strategy to many investors and also helps you to play safe given the volatile nature of stock markets.

From a practical point of view, an SIP is the preferred route of mutual fund investments as investing through SIPs inculcates the discipline of saving & investing. It is best to align the frequency of investments with that of your income schedule. If you are a salaried employee, you could go for monthly SIP to regularize your savings. Most of our bills follow a monthly cycle so it makes sense to view SIP as a monthly ‘expense’ that is actually an investment helping you to inculcate the investing habit.

The yardstick for SIP must be your financial goal – the fund that you select to start an SIP in should best match your Financial Goal.

An SIP is the first step to your financial goals and should not be judged on the basis of market performance. Market uncertainty will prevail but your financial goals are fixed. Let your SIP achieve it. You need patience and confidence till the time your SIP helps to achieve your financial goal. Remember mutual funds sahi hai & SIP is one of the sahi tareeka for investing in mutual funds.

Government to Sell up to 10% Stake in SAIL via OFS; Infosys Q3 Results Beat Consensus

Distribution days: Three

Global stock markets: Dow 30, -0.03%; S&P 500, +0.2%; Nasdaq, +0.4%; Nikkei, +1.5%; Hang Seng, +0.3%; Kospi, +0.1%

Yesterday, Nifty gapped-up at a record high of 14,639 and made a new ATH of 14,653 intraday. However, it quickly succumbed to profit-booking and lost around 220 points. Some buying was seen in the last 90 minutes as Nifty pared its losses to close flat. Broader market indices, Nifty Midcap (-0.6%) and Smallcap (-0.2%) closed lower. Barring Nifty Pharma (-0.9%), Fin Service (-0.6%), and Realty (-0.3%), all the sectoral indices closed higher. Nifty PSU Bank (+3.3%) was the top gainer, followed by Auto (+0.9%).

With leadership broadening and indices above relevant intermediate-term moving averages, we will continue to look for leadership-quality growth names to form entry points. If a pullback/consolidation happens, it will be crucial for Nifty to hold its 21-DMA. It is advised to closely review the existing positions and book profits in stocks that are extended from their moving averages and showing technical weakness. Also, tracking distribution days is crucial as rising in distribution days can halt the uptrend.

Key News

Steel Auth.Of Ida. (Nse): The government will sell up to a 10% stake in the company via offer for sale on January 14-15 and the offer price has been fixed at Rs 64 per share.

Infosys reported Q3 FY21 results today. PAT was up 7.3% q/q to Rs 5,197 crore, while revenue rose 5.5% q/q to Rs 25,927 crore. Margin advanced 10 bps to 25.4%. The company raised FY21 constant currency revenue growth guidance to 4.5–5.0% from 2–3% earlier and margin guidance to 24.0–24.5% from 23–24% earlier.

Wipro (Nse) posted Q3 FY21 earnings today. IT services EBIT was up 17.1% q/q to Rs 3,320.4 crore, while revenue rose 3.8% q/q to Rs 15,333.1 crore. Margin advanced 245bps to 21.7%.

O’Neil Market Condition Report

For the 24 emerging markets tracked by our institutional research team, the market status breakdown is as follows: Confirmed Uptrend, 84%; Rally Attempt, 4%; Uptrend Under Pressure, 12%; Downtrend, 0%.

For the 24 developed markets tracked by our institutional research team, the market status breakdown is as follows: Confirmed Uptrend, 66%; Rally Attempt, 0%; Uptrend Under Pressure, 34%; Downtrend, 0%.

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How To Fix QuickBooks Error 1712?

According to the current trends, QuickBooks has created a lot of hype in recent times. This accounting program is preferred by entrepreneurs all over the world for their bookkeeping and accounting needs. However, the fact that the QuickBooks program is susceptible to such errors cannot be overlooked. QuickBooks error 1712 is one of the most frequently found errors. When a user tries to install QuickBooks in a compromised folder or when the software is harmed, this error occurs. Certain errors can easily be implemented to correct this mistake. You must read this article to the end to learn about such reconfiguration methods.

Causes of the QuickBooks Error 1712

Now that you’ve figured out what this mistake is about, it’s time to look into the causes. The QuickBooks error 1712 can be caused by a number of factors, including:

When a user installs QuickBooks without first uninstalling the previous edition,
In the event that the registry is corrupted,
Additionally, whether a malware attack is detected.
Installing a QuickBooks tool that has been compromised
If such program improvements are made on the same device.

Identification of the QuickBooks Error 1712

There are some signs and indications that can assist the user in identifying the QuickBooks error 1712. The following are some of the symptoms:

On your Windows screen, a blue screen emerges.
Error in the input or output.
QuickBooks freezes on the desktop.
Problems with the shutdown.
An HTTP error has occurred.
If your laptop or computer isn’t working properly, please contact us.
Installing QuickBooks on your laptop incorrectly is a major no-no.

Solutions To Resolve QuickBooks Error 1712

The following are the solutions that help in resolving QuickBooks error 1712:

Solution 1: Use the Quick Fix My Program Tool

The QuickBooks Tools Hub must be downloaded and installed by the user.

To begin, shut all QuickBooks programs.
The QuickBooks tool hub file can then be downloaded. Additionally, save the file in a location where the user can easily locate it.
After that, the user must open the file installed in the previous step (QuickBooksToolHub.exe).
To install, the user must follow the on-screen instructions and agree to the conditions and restrictions.
The user must then double-click the tool hub icon on the Windows desktop once the installation is complete.
Also, The user must pick the software issues in the QuickBooks tools hub.
After that, choose Quick fix my program and reinstall QuickBooks desktop.
Try to install the QuickBooks desktop application again.

Solution 2: Close programs in task manager

Press the keys ‘Ctrl + Dlt’ from your keyboard.
After that, choose the ‘Processes’ option.
QuickBooks users have to choose the ‘End Process’ from the task manager.
Lastly, click on the ‘Reboot’ option to reboot your computer.

In Conclusion:

QuickBooks users can easily resolve QuickBooks error 1712 with the help of these solutions. However, if you are not able to resolve it manually, try to seek guidance from QuickBooks customer service on this toll-free number or you can chat with them also.

Pros and cons of robo advisors

Like every financial decision, choosing to use a robo advisor has its benefits and disadvantages. Now the question is, should you use robo advisors? Here are some pros and cons you should consider.

1. A robo advisor provides lower fees
Robo advisors tend to price less than traditional financial advisors. Generally, their services cost only around 30% of that of financial advisors. The flat fees are generally their selling point for most users.

Other than their low annual costs, most robo advisors also allow people to use their services with zero to low minimum balances. This makes them accessible for even beginner investors or those who live with a tight budget!

2. It incorporates risk guidance and management
Over the years, more and more people are looking into investing in exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The popularity of this type of investment product might be attributed to its low costs and risks but promising rewards.

Without requiring a minimum amount for investment, ETFs promote inclusivity among its users. In other words, anyone can invest in ETFs. However, not everyone has the time to strategize their portfolio diversification. And this is where robo-advisors come into play. Robo-advisors create diversified portfolios using low-fee ETFs. The technology automates the best investment strategies for its users.

Using a robo advisor does not remove the uncertainties of making an investment; it allows you to make smarter decisions with your money. So, if you are a busy person who needs financial guidance and yet do not want to spend a lot of time researching and managing your investments, then a robo advisor will definitely help you grow your assets passively.

3. It is accessible and straightforward
A robo advisor is no different than most technology products we’ve embraced so far. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can instantly access its services from anywhere at any time.

If you are well-versed in technology, you will appreciate the convenience of using robo advisors. The software product is straight forward — it allows you to execute your decisions with a few clicks.

4. It is not human
Making financial decisions can be challenging and overwhelming. Without the human face, a robo advisor platform cannot emotionally connect with its clients. It is unable to understand their drivers and fears

Unlike traditional financial advisors who can give you a myriad of tips (i.e., how to save up for real estate, how to secure life insurance), a robo advisor solutions cannot offer words of advice regarding your elaborate goals and needs. While robo advisor companies have customer services to address your complex concerns, some people need a more personal financial advisor whom they can discuss their issues with.

5. It has limited customization options
Robo advisors are relatively new to the market, and their services might not be as varied as you would expect. If you have specific financial goals (i.e., you want to purchase individual stocks, you want to pick a certain mutual fund), robo advisors may be limiting for you.

On the other hand, traditional financial advisors provide a wide range of investment options for their clients. Because they have the edge of knowing you personally, they can create more creative ways to help you craft your most ideal portfolio.

What Are The Benefits Of Accepting Payments Online?

You depended on labour for most of the tasks that lead to the increased usage of time and late delivery of results. There were times you made errors while delivering goods to shops and accepted money from them. There were also concerns such as shortage of items and payments for the slot provided.

Soon after the introduction of online payments, shopkeepers received money without any delay. They got the facility to accept payments online using banking and payment apps. They are accessible and convenient to use with attractive features and cashback offers. These apps need a recharge, or you can link them to your bank account directly for making payments.

The online payment scenario has made the bag lighter and kept us stress-free. You no longer need to worry about paying additional funds or face a shortage of payments while paying the lender. Following are the benefits of online payments:

Instant payment processes

Collect payments online offers instant transactions to every organisation and user. It breaks the geographical restrictions and allows you to buy or sell without being physically present. Pay for the goods and services quickly from work or home with quick notifications of the transactions, assuring the payment.

Quick and easy setup

Setting up options for receiving payments online is easy and fast. Start selling the products immediately after setting the account. Several payment providers nowadays offer free account opening facilities and meagre transaction rates.

Increased trust

You often consider these merchants reliable, which allows you to pay through their site. It encourages you to do business with them. An online invoice payment offers you fraud protection that secures your funds if you do not receive the product bought online.

Adds convenience

Some subscription-based services require you to make payments after a specific period. Instead of sending you reminders each time and requesting to send cheques for the cost, merchants can automatically collect them after the end of the subscription term.

More sales with deals

Several times, this accept payment online mode provides cost-saving deals for attracting more consumers. If they collect payments on their portals, you can grab the offer even at the last minute, which increases the merchant’s sales.