Starting an SIP in the Best Mutual Fund

SIP stands for Systematic Investment Plan, a mode of investing in mutual funds that allows one to invest fixed amount in a specific mutual fund scheme at rgular intervals (weekly, monthly, quarterly). It makes regular investment convenient:

Easy auto debit facility,
Affordable with a low minimum investment requirement: SIP doesn’t incur any additional charges.
While investing is a personal decision based on everyone’s unique situation, every financial plan will have some allocation of the 3 major asset classes:

Equity or stocks,
Debt or fixed income instruments,
Precious metals like gold and silver.
But investing in the stock markets can be a challenge, with the wild and unpredictable swings in share prices. To reduce the risk of investing “at the wrong time”, many investors can opt for a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in the Best Mutual Fund of their choice.

An SIP, or a Systematic Investment Plan, is a mode of investment whereby you, the investor, invests a pre-determined amount on a monthly basis, on a pre-determined date, into the Best Mutual Fund Scheme of your choice. Today, it is among the most chosen method of investing by retail investors.

4 Benefits of SIP:

While there could be other benefits, here are 5 that we would like to share.

Benefit of Rupee Cost Averaging:
Since you are buying units every month, you will be buying at market dips and rises, so you are averaging your cost of investments over the time period.

Benefit of Power of Compounding:
If you start early, SIP helps you to start investing to meet the greater expenses of your life. Saving a small sum of money regularly makes your money work with power of compounding and increase impact on wealth accumulation.

Helps you avoid market timing:
SIP investors can avoid market timing – as they get the chance to buy low, and later when they want, sell high.

It’s possible to start small:
The best part of starting an SIP is that it is suitable for any wallet. You can start with a ticket size of your choice, you can start small with as low as Rs. 500/- in the Best Mutual Fund of your choice and slowly build up your wealth.

Helps you avoid market timing:
With an SIP you do not need to try to time the market and thereby inculcates automatic financial discipline into your investing method.

Making investments in stock markets via Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) has been proved as a strategy to many investors and also helps you to play safe given the volatile nature of stock markets.

From a practical point of view, an SIP is the preferred route of mutual fund investments as investing through SIPs inculcates the discipline of saving & investing. It is best to align the frequency of investments with that of your income schedule. If you are a salaried employee, you could go for monthly SIP to regularize your savings. Most of our bills follow a monthly cycle so it makes sense to view SIP as a monthly ‘expense’ that is actually an investment helping you to inculcate the investing habit.

The yardstick for SIP must be your financial goal – the fund that you select to start an SIP in should best match your Financial Goal.

An SIP is the first step to your financial goals and should not be judged on the basis of market performance. Market uncertainty will prevail but your financial goals are fixed. Let your SIP achieve it. You need patience and confidence till the time your SIP helps to achieve your financial goal. Remember mutual funds sahi hai & SIP is one of the sahi tareeka for investing in mutual funds.

Government to Sell up to 10% Stake in SAIL via OFS; Infosys Q3 Results Beat Consensus

Distribution days: Three

Global stock markets: Dow 30, -0.03%; S&P 500, +0.2%; Nasdaq, +0.4%; Nikkei, +1.5%; Hang Seng, +0.3%; Kospi, +0.1%

Yesterday, Nifty gapped-up at a record high of 14,639 and made a new ATH of 14,653 intraday. However, it quickly succumbed to profit-booking and lost around 220 points. Some buying was seen in the last 90 minutes as Nifty pared its losses to close flat. Broader market indices, Nifty Midcap (-0.6%) and Smallcap (-0.2%) closed lower. Barring Nifty Pharma (-0.9%), Fin Service (-0.6%), and Realty (-0.3%), all the sectoral indices closed higher. Nifty PSU Bank (+3.3%) was the top gainer, followed by Auto (+0.9%).

With leadership broadening and indices above relevant intermediate-term moving averages, we will continue to look for leadership-quality growth names to form entry points. If a pullback/consolidation happens, it will be crucial for Nifty to hold its 21-DMA. It is advised to closely review the existing positions and book profits in stocks that are extended from their moving averages and showing technical weakness. Also, tracking distribution days is crucial as rising in distribution days can halt the uptrend.

Key News

Steel Auth.Of Ida. (Nse): The government will sell up to a 10% stake in the company via offer for sale on January 14-15 and the offer price has been fixed at Rs 64 per share.

Infosys reported Q3 FY21 results today. PAT was up 7.3% q/q to Rs 5,197 crore, while revenue rose 5.5% q/q to Rs 25,927 crore. Margin advanced 10 bps to 25.4%. The company raised FY21 constant currency revenue growth guidance to 4.5–5.0% from 2–3% earlier and margin guidance to 24.0–24.5% from 23–24% earlier.

Wipro (Nse) posted Q3 FY21 earnings today. IT services EBIT was up 17.1% q/q to Rs 3,320.4 crore, while revenue rose 3.8% q/q to Rs 15,333.1 crore. Margin advanced 245bps to 21.7%.

O’Neil Market Condition Report

For the 24 emerging markets tracked by our institutional research team, the market status breakdown is as follows: Confirmed Uptrend, 84%; Rally Attempt, 4%; Uptrend Under Pressure, 12%; Downtrend, 0%.

For the 24 developed markets tracked by our institutional research team, the market status breakdown is as follows: Confirmed Uptrend, 66%; Rally Attempt, 0%; Uptrend Under Pressure, 34%; Downtrend, 0%.

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How To Fix QuickBooks Error 1712?

According to the current trends, QuickBooks has created a lot of hype in recent times. This accounting program is preferred by entrepreneurs all over the world for their bookkeeping and accounting needs. However, the fact that the QuickBooks program is susceptible to such errors cannot be overlooked. QuickBooks error 1712 is one of the most frequently found errors. When a user tries to install QuickBooks in a compromised folder or when the software is harmed, this error occurs. Certain errors can easily be implemented to correct this mistake. You must read this article to the end to learn about such reconfiguration methods.

Causes of the QuickBooks Error 1712

Now that you’ve figured out what this mistake is about, it’s time to look into the causes. The QuickBooks error 1712 can be caused by a number of factors, including:

When a user installs QuickBooks without first uninstalling the previous edition,
In the event that the registry is corrupted,
Additionally, whether a malware attack is detected.
Installing a QuickBooks tool that has been compromised
If such program improvements are made on the same device.

Identification of the QuickBooks Error 1712

There are some signs and indications that can assist the user in identifying the QuickBooks error 1712. The following are some of the symptoms:

On your Windows screen, a blue screen emerges.
Error in the input or output.
QuickBooks freezes on the desktop.
Problems with the shutdown.
An HTTP error has occurred.
If your laptop or computer isn’t working properly, please contact us.
Installing QuickBooks on your laptop incorrectly is a major no-no.

Solutions To Resolve QuickBooks Error 1712

The following are the solutions that help in resolving QuickBooks error 1712:

Solution 1: Use the Quick Fix My Program Tool

The QuickBooks Tools Hub must be downloaded and installed by the user.

To begin, shut all QuickBooks programs.
The QuickBooks tool hub file can then be downloaded. Additionally, save the file in a location where the user can easily locate it.
After that, the user must open the file installed in the previous step (QuickBooksToolHub.exe).
To install, the user must follow the on-screen instructions and agree to the conditions and restrictions.
The user must then double-click the tool hub icon on the Windows desktop once the installation is complete.
Also, The user must pick the software issues in the QuickBooks tools hub.
After that, choose Quick fix my program and reinstall QuickBooks desktop.
Try to install the QuickBooks desktop application again.

Solution 2: Close programs in task manager

Press the keys ‘Ctrl + Dlt’ from your keyboard.
After that, choose the ‘Processes’ option.
QuickBooks users have to choose the ‘End Process’ from the task manager.
Lastly, click on the ‘Reboot’ option to reboot your computer.

In Conclusion:

QuickBooks users can easily resolve QuickBooks error 1712 with the help of these solutions. However, if you are not able to resolve it manually, try to seek guidance from QuickBooks customer service on this toll-free number or you can chat with them also.

Pros and cons of robo advisors

Like every financial decision, choosing to use a robo advisor has its benefits and disadvantages. Now the question is, should you use robo advisors? Here are some pros and cons you should consider.

1. A robo advisor provides lower fees
Robo advisors tend to price less than traditional financial advisors. Generally, their services cost only around 30% of that of financial advisors. The flat fees are generally their selling point for most users.

Other than their low annual costs, most robo advisors also allow people to use their services with zero to low minimum balances. This makes them accessible for even beginner investors or those who live with a tight budget!

2. It incorporates risk guidance and management
Over the years, more and more people are looking into investing in exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The popularity of this type of investment product might be attributed to its low costs and risks but promising rewards.

Without requiring a minimum amount for investment, ETFs promote inclusivity among its users. In other words, anyone can invest in ETFs. However, not everyone has the time to strategize their portfolio diversification. And this is where robo-advisors come into play. Robo-advisors create diversified portfolios using low-fee ETFs. The technology automates the best investment strategies for its users.

Using a robo advisor does not remove the uncertainties of making an investment; it allows you to make smarter decisions with your money. So, if you are a busy person who needs financial guidance and yet do not want to spend a lot of time researching and managing your investments, then a robo advisor will definitely help you grow your assets passively.

3. It is accessible and straightforward
A robo advisor is no different than most technology products we’ve embraced so far. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can instantly access its services from anywhere at any time.

If you are well-versed in technology, you will appreciate the convenience of using robo advisors. The software product is straight forward — it allows you to execute your decisions with a few clicks.

4. It is not human
Making financial decisions can be challenging and overwhelming. Without the human face, a robo advisor platform cannot emotionally connect with its clients. It is unable to understand their drivers and fears

Unlike traditional financial advisors who can give you a myriad of tips (i.e., how to save up for real estate, how to secure life insurance), a robo advisor solutions cannot offer words of advice regarding your elaborate goals and needs. While robo advisor companies have customer services to address your complex concerns, some people need a more personal financial advisor whom they can discuss their issues with.

5. It has limited customization options
Robo advisors are relatively new to the market, and their services might not be as varied as you would expect. If you have specific financial goals (i.e., you want to purchase individual stocks, you want to pick a certain mutual fund), robo advisors may be limiting for you.

On the other hand, traditional financial advisors provide a wide range of investment options for their clients. Because they have the edge of knowing you personally, they can create more creative ways to help you craft your most ideal portfolio.

What Are The Benefits Of Accepting Payments Online?

You depended on labour for most of the tasks that lead to the increased usage of time and late delivery of results. There were times you made errors while delivering goods to shops and accepted money from them. There were also concerns such as shortage of items and payments for the slot provided.

Soon after the introduction of online payments, shopkeepers received money without any delay. They got the facility to accept payments online using banking and payment apps. They are accessible and convenient to use with attractive features and cashback offers. These apps need a recharge, or you can link them to your bank account directly for making payments.

The online payment scenario has made the bag lighter and kept us stress-free. You no longer need to worry about paying additional funds or face a shortage of payments while paying the lender. Following are the benefits of online payments:

Instant payment processes

Collect payments online offers instant transactions to every organisation and user. It breaks the geographical restrictions and allows you to buy or sell without being physically present. Pay for the goods and services quickly from work or home with quick notifications of the transactions, assuring the payment.

Quick and easy setup

Setting up options for receiving payments online is easy and fast. Start selling the products immediately after setting the account. Several payment providers nowadays offer free account opening facilities and meagre transaction rates.

Increased trust

You often consider these merchants reliable, which allows you to pay through their site. It encourages you to do business with them. An online invoice payment offers you fraud protection that secures your funds if you do not receive the product bought online.

Adds convenience

Some subscription-based services require you to make payments after a specific period. Instead of sending you reminders each time and requesting to send cheques for the cost, merchants can automatically collect them after the end of the subscription term.

More sales with deals

Several times, this accept payment online mode provides cost-saving deals for attracting more consumers. If they collect payments on their portals, you can grab the offer even at the last minute, which increases the merchant’s sales.

Things to keep in mind before making investments

Where does one Stand Financially?

Before you begin finance, it’s vital to own a transparent image of your finances. You may be investing cash intending to get returns. And so, it is essential to understand specifically what quantity you’ll invest in and wherever you can do (if any).

The investment process is analogous to making a budget. You list down all sources of financial gain together with your salary, incentives, bonuses, interest from fastened deposits, and the other ways in which within which you would possibly expect to receive cash throughout the year. Segregate these amounts supported the frequency at which you receive them – weekly, monthly, annually, and so on

Next, sit together with your bank statements for the last six months and begin listing your expenses. search for fastened outgoings like rent, utility bill payments, groceries, loan installments, and the other fixed monthly expenses.

Also, produce an inventory of half-yearly or yearly expenses sort of a vacation, athletic facility membership, and so on By the tip of this activity, you ought to have a transparent image of your expected annual expenses, their frequency, and importance.
Once this is often} done, divide the expenses into essential and non-essential categories. whereas essential expenses are going to be those that you just can’t live without, the non-essential expenses can offer you a glimpse into the prices that you can move boost savings and investments.

This can offer you a stable platform to begin your finance journey.
What does one need to attain by Investing?

A clear definition of associate investment arrange is another essential facet of successful investing.

There are 3 pillars for making an economical investment plan:

Financial goals
Investment horizon
Risk tolerance
Let’s say that you just need to shop for a house inside following 5-10 years associated are financed to accumulate a corpus to assist you to get there. this could need certain potential returns and hence, a precise quantity of risk. If you’re not comfy with the risk, then you would possibly have to be compelled to increase the investment amount and cut back the risk. Combined with a transparent understanding of your finances (point#1), produce an investment arrangement that’s designed to help you accomplish your goals with ease.

Different Investment Avenues

There are varied choices on the market to investors today. From stocks to mutual funds, realty to gold, associated commodities to cryptocurrencies, there are numerous avenues available. whereas you would possibly not invest all told of them, it’s vital to know these avenues before you start your investment journey.
We all know several investors who stick with one or 2 investment avenues like stocks and mutual funds and check out to make an investment portfolio mistreatment them to attain their money goals.

whereas it is not impossible, gap yourself up to most of those options offers you additional management over your portfolio and increases your possibilities of reaching your money goals.

Importance of An Emergency Fund

A clever investor understands that complications and emergencies storms unannounced and it is for this reason that you should be equipped to deal with it as and when it arises, how would that be possible if you haven’t even made a provision for it? Create an emergency fund that can be liquidated effortlessly to meet your quickest need that needs an immediate address.

Insurtech startup Riskcovry gets $5 million in Series A funding

Mumbai: Insurtech startup Riskcovry has received $5 million in Series A funding, led by Omidyar Network India. Pune-based venture capital fund Pentathlon Ventures and Delhi-based DMI Sparkle Fund were also among the new investors.

Founded in 2018, the Mumbai-based startup, which offers insurance infrastructure to platforms to distribute insurance products, closed a $1.25 million pre-Series A round in May 2020, led by Bharat Inclusion Seed Fund, Varanium Capital and Better Capital, which have also participated in the current round.

The business-to-business-to-customer (B2B2C) startup enables companies from any industry to offer digital insurance products and services to their end-customers.

Riskcovry is insurance-agnostic and provides plug-and-play technology to its 50 partners across sectors and industries. InMobi’s Glance, EMI financing platform ZestMoney, and Future Group’s digital wallet FuturePay are among its enterprise clients.

The startup is on track to sell 200,000 insurance policies in the current financial year.

The pandemic accelerated the digitisation of the insurance value chain, and Riskcovry wants to enable businesses whose core business is not selling insurance. It wants to save them time and effort by providing technology, teams, and processes, according to co-founder Chiranth Patil.

The startup will utilise the funds to build new insurance products, invest in its data science team and products, and quadruple its partner network in the next 18 months.

Some products of insurtech startup Turtlemint, which recently closed its Series D fundraise, directly compete with those of Riskcovry’s. Singapore-headquartered Symbo Platform Holdings which raised $9.4 million last week is also amping up its presence in India.

“The pandemic was an inflection point for us, with the insurance industry witnessing accelerated digital adoption, similar to the tailwinds that digital payments witnessed post demonetisation,” founders Patil, Suvendu Prusty, Sorabh Bhandari and Vidya Sridharan, said in a joint statement. “Our goal is to make insurance as ubiquitous as digital payments by powering digitisation across the insurance value chain in India.”

Navigating the World of No Credit Check Loans

Understanding the Appeal of No Credit Check Loans
No Credit Check loans are known for their higher interest rates, yet they continue to be a go-to solution for many. The reason lies in the nature of the needs they serve. Unlike loans for discretionary purchases, such as car loans or mortgages, No Credit Check loans are often the last resort for individuals in dire financial straits.

The Prevalence of Poor Credit Scores
A significant portion of the population struggles with suboptimal credit scores. According to a report by Experian, one of the major credit bureaus, around 34% of Americans have a credit score below 601, which is considered poor. The reasons for these low scores vary, but common factors include:

Lack of Credit Knowledge: Many individuals are unaware of how credit scores are calculated and the impact of their financial decisions on their creditworthiness.
Over-Reliance on a Single Credit Card: Using one credit card for all transactions and maxing it out can negatively affect credit utilization ratios, a key component of credit scores.
Neglecting to Address Credit Report Errors: Errors on credit reports are not uncommon, and failing to dispute inaccuracies can lead to an unjustly low credit score.
Misunderstanding Credit Report Contents: Many consumers do not realize that certain actions, such as applying for multiple loans in a short period, can lower their credit scores.
Speed of No Credit Check Loans
Skipping the credit check process can expedite loan approval, making No Credit Check loans a faster alternative to traditional loans. These loans are typically offered by non-bank direct lenders, whose streamlined processes can lead to quicker disbursement. To increase the chances of a speedy loan experience, applicants should:

Prepare all necessary documents in advance.
Provide complete and easily verifiable information.
Submit clear scans of documents when applying online.
Research lender reviews to gauge their efficiency.
Only apply for the amount you can confidently repay.
The True Cost of No Credit Check Loans

Comparing the costs of No Credit Check loans to traditional bank loans can be challenging due to differences in interest calculations. No Credit Check loans often come with higher Annual Percentage Rates (APRs), which can significantly increase the cost of borrowing, especially for longer terms. It’s crucial to calculate the total repayment amount to understand the true cost of the loan. Avoiding loans that cannot be repaid on time is essential, as penalties and fees can quickly accumulate.

When to Steer Clear of No Credit Check Loans
While No Credit Check loans can be beneficial in emergencies, they are not suitable for all situations. Here are scenarios where these loans should be avoided:

Long-Term Financial Needs: High-interest loans are not cost-effective for prolonged periods.
Availability of Bank Loans: If not pressed for time, traditional bank loans are usually more affordable.
Good Credit Options: Those with strong credit histories should explore other, less costly loan options.
Questionable Lender Legitimacy: Always verify the credibility of the lender before proceeding.
Impending Bankruptcy: Bankruptcy does not discharge No Credit Check loans, leading to escalating penalties.
Existing Debt Burdens: Without careful planning, No Credit Check loans can exacerbate debt problems.
Deciphering “Guaranteed Approval” Claims

Many No Credit Check loans advertise “Guaranteed Approval,” which can be misleading. This guarantee often assumes that the borrower meets the lender’s eligibility criteria. The loan amount approved may also be less than what is initially requested. It’s important to understand the terms and conditions of these offers to avoid surprises.

No Credit Check loans serve a specific market niche, offering a lifeline to those with limited options. While they carry higher costs, their accessibility and speed can be invaluable in emergencies. For those considering such loans, it’s crucial to weigh the costs against the benefits and to borrow responsibly.

Home Loans Delaware and USDA home Loans in South Dakota

Those having an existing guaranteed home equity credit from USDA are eligible for refinancing through USDA Streamline Refinancing. Having the ability to refinance an existing loan means you’ll enjoy lower interest rates also as lower mortgage insurance. The prevailing interest rates of USDA home loans are often adjusted into current rates.

USDA refinancing has helped numerous people that suffered thanks to the housing market collapse. To require advantage of the USDA refinancing opportunities, get in-tuned with us and we’ll provide you the simplest available options.

South Dakota
South Dakota offers a peaceful community living and decent job opportunities. There are many beautiful places that attract tourists from everywhere the planet. Several writers and noble artists have grown up during this state and there are many cities which form the centre of attraction for this state. The value of living in South Dakota is extremely low, since they are doing not need to pay state tax and therefore the nuisance tax is merely 4%.

There is an abundance of local amenities and facilities during this state and these include grocery stores, parks, recreational areas, retail stores, restaurants, etc. The healthcare system of South Dakota is well structured and other people get treated for various illnesses and disorders within the several medical centers spread across the state.

There variety of roadways, highways, railroads, etc which keeps the state connected with the opposite parts of the state. There are airport from where the residents can fly to different parts of the planet.

Home Loans Delaware

USDA home loans in Delaware are meant for low to moderate income home buyers. While it’s easy to avail these loans, it’s necessary that you simply qualify to the income and credit guidelines to urge the loans approved. The simplest thanks to know whether you qualify or not, is to travel through the USDA pre-qualification process. If you would like to shop for a range in “The Delaware,” call us to urge assistance with USDA home loans in Delaware.

Though Delaware isn’t an enormous state, it’s tons to supply its residents which make it a perfect state for living. The state covers a neighborhood of 1,982 sq. miles and is ranked 6th most densely populated state in U.S.


Delaware is home to many larger cities along side smaller communities and beach towns. However, everywhere within the state is densely populated, and you will get a small-town feel regardless of where you select to measure. The smaller beach communities have a thriving tourism trade, and therefore the cities are very fast-growing with dozens of employment opportunities. Overall, the state of Delaware features a relatively healthy economy.

Delaware offers peaceful community living and it’s located on the brink of Philadelphia, Maryland and NY City. The gorgeous Delaware climate is yet one more reason why many of us prefer to buy range in this state. Delaware also offers great job opportunities and has been remarkable within the education space.

Sports are inspired among the residents and its home to some amazing festivals like Firefly Music Festival, Big August Quarterly, Delaware State Fair, etc. Delaware is additionally well connected to the opposite states via roadways, highways and airways.

Even with financial weaknesses and poor credit score, it’s possible to shop for a range in Delaware, because of USDA home loans. All you would like is to qualify to the income and credit guidelines and obtain USDA home loans approved. Before you apply for USDA loans, you would like to urge pre-qualified together with your lender and obtain obviate all the roadblocks which will prevent you from getting a home equity credit from USDA approved.

USDA Home Loans Vermont and Home Loans Connecticut

who aren’t ready to obtain financing from other sources. Often people having low income, have difficulty in arranging the large down payments that are required by conventional loan programs.

USDA home loans are zero down payments loans that provide 100% financing and low interest rates. The monthly payments are low, which makes it very affordable for people with limited income. USDA home loans in Vermont are 30 year fixed rate mortgages, which mean the interest rates would be same throughout the loan tenure and you’ll have enough time to repay the loan.

The state of Vermont is found within the northeastern us within the New England area. This small state was ranked together of the safest states within the nation, and it’s the leading producer of syrup. This state is that the second-smallest state by its population, and it’s also the sixth smallest state by total acreage within the nation.

Vermont offers the simplest of everything for its residents. The financial condition is sweet and apartments are readily available within the main cities. There are many job opportunities in Vermont which is useful for the people since the value of living may be a bit high. Variety of festivals and events are hosted during this state and these include the Marlboro Music Festival, the Vermont Dairy Festival, etc.

Home Loans Connecticut

Want to lower the interest rates of an existing home equity credit? Consider a Connecticut home loan that permits you to refinance an existing loan. USDA offers excellent opportunities to refinance your home equity credit. If you’re feeling you are paying a better rate of interest, the USDA Streamline Refinance can help lower the rates.

With the assistance of USDA home loans, it’s easier than ever to shop for a range in Connecticut. Connecticut along side NY and New Jersey are referred to as the Tri-State area. This state got its name from the Connecticut, and is that the 3rd smallest state supported area covered.


Connecticut may be a popular place to measure among the New England region of the US. With its high per capita income, close proximity to well paying jobs in ny City, and low taxes compared to ny City, Connecticut has made a reputation for itself as an excellent place to call home.

Connecticut may be a family-friendly state which constitutes of lovely landscapes, old-fashioned counties and lots of places of attraction which makes it a perfect tourist destination. This state enjoys a light and temperate climate, with great education system, job opportunities and transportation systems. It’s an excellent place to relocate. This state has an above average median income, which makes it a lucrative location for home buyers.